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The training lasts two or four semesters. Each semester consists of 14 weeks of obligatory lessons.

The tuition fees for each semester are 367 euros. Scholarships are granted to the trainees on the basis of their academic performance or social criteria. The courses are mostly held during the afternoon but there may also be morning courses. A limited number of absences is allowed for each course.

The mid-term exams in each course take place during the 8 th or the 9 th week. At the end of the semester the trainees take their final exams. In order for the trainees to register for the next semester they must pass all the courses of the previous semester. However, there are some exceptions for special cases. When the trainee completes the training successfully, he/she gets a certificate of training by the I.E.K. which enables him/her to take part in the examinations of accreditation of O.E.E.K

The I.E.K. has the following laboratories :

•  Informatics

•  Beauticians'

•  Make-up Specialists'

•  Sewing

•  Design

•  Hairdressers'