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Future trainees make applications in which they fill in the title of the course they want to attend. The courses for each semester are specified by the Chairman of O.E.E.K. The trainees can be graduates of different types of High Schools such as Senior High Schools and Technical High Schools . The graduates of Technical High Schools can register for the 3 rd semester of a course which is similar to their specialty.

The documents that are required are the following:

1. High school degree (high school degrees of different types of schools are accepted)

2. Identity Card.

3. Social security stamps which serve as a proof of former experience in the field of studies that the trainers are going to attend as well as a certification from the employer ratified by the authority which supervises employment.

4. Certificate of their family status certifying that there are more than three children in the family.

The choice is being made through computers, on the basis of points that the trainers get from their degree, their age, their former experience and their family status.